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Group Membership

Chapter 7: Group Membership

Starting in WebGUI 7.0, there are several change to how group membership
works.  The biggest change is that there are two methods for getting
the users in a group.

$group->getUsers will return all users who have are members via the WebGUI API.

$group->getAllUsers will return a list of all users who are members of the
current group or any of its subgroups via _any_ method.  Previously, there
was no way to get a complete list of all users, and you had to request
a recursive fetch of users.  getAllUsers is always recursive.

So basically, you will want to convert your code to use getAllUsers instead
of getUsers.

Next, there has been a long standing bug in WebGUI regarding the
dbCacheTimeout group property.  It didn't work as a timeout, but rather
as an expiration property for adding users to groups via database queries
AND LDAP.  In WebGUI 7.0, this property has been renamed groupCacheTimeout
and it actually functions as a cache timeout.  Note that the timeout may
extend the amount of time that a member is in a group, so don't set an
arbitrarily long timeout.


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