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Fedora Core 2

To install WebGUI in your Fedora Core system follow these steps:

  • Download and install the perl packages provided in Prerequisites using rpm.
    NOTE: If you are installing a 5.5.X version, you do not need the following packages:
    • perl-IO-Zlib
    • perl-SOAP-Lite
    • perl-Data-Serializer
  • Download and install the webgui package from here.
  • Resolv your failed dependencies with the standard Fedora Core packages.
  • If you are upgrading from a previous version, please read this.
  • That's all.

The following changes will be made in your system automagically:

  • WebGUI files will be copied to /var/www/WebGUI directory that is where Fedora Core expects them to be.
  • Apache configuration will be updated to ease the creation of new virtual servers for WebGUI.
  • A pair of perl scripts will be installed at /var/www/WebGUI/sbin called and that automate somehow the domain creation and deletion process in WebGUI.
    NOTE: These scripts are a packager add-on and are not supported by the WebGUI development team.

If you have any questions email me:


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