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Authentication Migration

3.1 Authentication Modules Changes

Authentication in 6.0 is now completely Object Oriented.  The superclass WebGUI::Auth defines a loose set of rules by which
to create authentication parameters.  Subclasses MUST be WebGUI::Auth objects, however they can define thier own rules
for authentication.  No methods are required to be overwritten as it is up to the user to decide which methods may be called
through WebGUI.  The only method that MUST be calllable is the init routine which should define the starting point for authentication.
For instance, WebGUI's init method calls the displayLogin function.

Methods which remain compatible the auth modules distributed with WebGUI:

There is no guarentee, however that any custom apps which call these routines will work for custom authentication instances.

3.2 Auth Templates

As of 6.3 you must add three new methods to your authentication modules. They are
getAccountTemplateId(), getCreateAccountTemplateId(), and
getLoginTemplateId(). If you are not using the superclass methods associated
with these, then you can skip this. Also the template parameters for the
associated methods has been removed in favor of these methods. And finally,
take a look a WebGUI::Asset::Template for changes in the template system API.


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