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YUI Menus

YAHOO created the YAHOO User Interface javascrpt library. In the library, there are very nice menus defined. We can join the power of WebGUI and YUI Menus to create a site with very cool menus.

There are 2 menus in this package. One for the top menu and one for a vertical menu.

System Requirements

You need at least WebGUI 7.5.21.

Release Notes for Version 1.01 (8/28/2008)

Fixed a small bug in the top menu animation.

0elnino: "7.6.35 doesn't have /data/WebGUI/www/extras/yui/build/container/animation.js which is used by this package. It is located in /data/WebGUI/www/extras/yui/build/animation/animation.js instead.

But even with this change, I can't seem to get these to work."
Downloadmedia_templates_yui-navigation.wgpkg media_templates_yui-navigation.wgpkg
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Updated: 8/28/2008
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