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WebGUI database backup tool

WHAT IT DOES... This small program is developed to facilitate database backup for WebGUI sites. But it does a little bit more than that. Before creating the database backup, it performs a MyIsam check (yes, this program only works with MySQL databases) on your databases in order to see if there are any errors in your tables. If an error is found, the backup is skipped, to prevent damaged databases to be backuped. In addition (when mailing is set ON), the system administrator is warned that something is wrong with the database. The program can also create html reports of the MyIsam check that can be directly published on the internet. The MyIsam check is performed as a SQL query ("CHECK TABLE"), and NOT with the myisamchk command. This is because with the myisamchk command, you must force a sync/close of all tables with "FLUSH TABLES" and ensure that no one is using the tables when mysqld is running. The program can be configured with several options, which allows you to choose whether to create dumps with the --add-drop-table option (which allows you to directly restore a database), if you want your backups to be compressed (with gzip) and if you want the log in you mailbox. You can use this program in combination with your crontab in order to automaticly perform daily checks and backups. Additionally I use the logrotate deamon to rotate the backups and have a seven day rollback at hand. INSTALL... move/copy the tgz into your WebGUI-root and unpack it. The script will be in your [WebGUI-root]/sbin. Instructions and documentation will be in [WebGUI-root]/docs/dbBackupWG/README.txt. If you have any comment or suggestions for improvement, please contact me by email, or state it in the submission list here. Leendert Bottelberghs

System RequirementsPlease be advised: this contribution was tested with something older than WebGUI 7.5. When this contribution was uploaded there was no field for the author to fill out regarding it's requirements.
4Klaus: "
The database backup tool works great! Fine work - thank you.

I have some ideas to enhance functionality to the script to become a backup-tool for the whole WebGUI  system (I think something is still missing):

- backing up other content that changes over times: the uploads-folders and the logfile (are there any other things that needed to be backuped?)

- adding an entry to the webgui-logfile on success or on errors

- optional adding timestamp to filenames of the tgz archives (if you don't can or want to use logrotate or your system has no similar tool)

- make the notification email subject configurable in dbBackup.config

DownloaddbBackupWG.tar.gz dbBackupWG.tar.gz
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Updated: 8/12/2005
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