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WebGUI 7.0.7 (source) and FreeBSD 5.5

Here's how I did it. :-) It's a very specialized setup that was requested by a customer but the basics are good. I hope it's a help to someone.

Sorry about the HTML attachment ... it's a export from my Wiki and I was just too lazy to reformat it all for inclusion in this post. :-D 

System RequirementsPlease be advised: this contribution was tested with something older than WebGUI 7.5. When this contribution was uploaded there was no field for the author to fill out regarding it's requirements.
DownloadWebGUI-7.0.7-on-FreeBSD-5.5.htm WebGUI-7.0.7-on-FreeBSD-5.5.htm
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Updated: 10/12/2006
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