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The User List can show a list of users and an ordered selection of their profile fields. It has a 'group to show' and a 'group to hide' option. The wobject takes into account the user-value or default-value for publicProfile and publicEmail and the 'visible' settings for the profile fields. The User List was developed on WebGUI 6.2.9.

Please remeber to set the Cache Timeout to 1 second on the page that contains the User List, otherwise pagination will not work.

To do

  • Some more testing
  • Dutch translation

Planned features

  • Webgui 5.5.x port
  • Warnings if too many profile fields are selected
  • Karma support (if anyone is interested)

Please post any comments, bugreports or feature requests here.


System RequirementsPlease be advised: this contribution was tested with something older than WebGUI 7.5. When this contribution was uploaded there was no field for the author to fill out regarding it's requirements.
4andreasG: "
can you add , that i can see ALL profiles (and not only the public entrys?)
4yhkhoe: "I assume that you would want to show profile fields that are not public only in Admin mode.

I could do that, but maybe its better to write an operation that Admins can use to get an overview of all profile fields."
4andreasG: "no, i will see a userlist with all profiles and not only the profiles, that are set to"
2yhkhoe: "If you want to show all the profiles then why wouldn't you just make all profiles public by setting the default value for public profile to 1 and setting editable to 'no' for public profile, so the users can't change it.

Would that accomplish what you want to do?"
4andreasG: "
no, thats not possible

btw. there are more than 1700 registered users... and most of them have set their profile to "not public"
4yhkhoe: "Why is it not possible? Do you mean you want to show profiles of users who have set their profile to 'not public' with a wobject, but you don't want to change that setting in the database. You do have database access right?

I don't think I'm going to build the option to override the 'public profile' setting into the wobject. If you are the Admin of a site there are ways to do this in the database. It's probably not a good idea to give content managers a way to do this with a wobject."
4andreasG: "
because i don't want to change their profile settings....

you don't have to build the option to override the profile settings.. only the option to see ALL profiles (and not only the public..)

btw. i'm the admin... and as an admin of course i can view all profiles, but with the usermanger it is to complex to handle... with your userlist it will be so much easyer...

i hope, you have understand my question/problem now..
4yhkhoe: "I think I might have misunderstood you before. In my first reply I proposed to add the option to see ALL profiles only when you are logged in as Admin. I also sugested that it might be better to build this as an operation.

When you replied no, I thought you wanted ALL users to be able to see ALL profiles.

What I understand now is that the option to see ALL profiles for the admin is what exactly you need.

I have asked a question on the developers list about this feature. If nobody has any good arguments against this feature I will add it to the wobject."
4ehab: "
What would be really cool in my opinion is search, I do not think it is that hard to implement, but would be a killer for communities. Select searchable fields and get a list of members that fit it.

Ehab Heikal

Quote: An eye for an Eye only helps make the whole world blind

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