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PhotoGallery for WebGUI 6.2


Version 2.1.2 now works with WebGUI 6.2.9. Also the help system is working again!
English, Dutch (needs completion) and Simplified Chinese (also needs completion) translations are again available. Also upgrade path from v2.1.0 (the WebGUI 5.5 version) is included - thank you Joel Boonstra.


Unzip the archive over your WebGUI installation. Ensure that the web server user has privileges over the files and ensure that the wobject name PhotoGallery exists in the list of wobjects in your WebGUI conf file. Run the create-PhotoGallery.sql SQL script located in the docs directory into your WebGUI database. Restart your web server if you are running mod_perl.


An upgrade can be performed from the 2.1.1 and 2.1.0 (the WebGUI 5.5 version) releases by installing the archive over the top of the original and running the upgrade script in the docs folder.

Otherwise remove all elements of the previous PhotoGallery release and re-install. Collateral images and thumbnails should still exist, so you can attach the images to new galleries.


PhotoGallery is used in the same manner as other wobjects; a gallery is added as an element on a page.


Remove the wobject name line from the WebGUI config file. Run the drop-PhotoGallery.sql SQL script located in the docs directory in your WebGUI database. Remove the, language module files and PhotoGallery doc files. Restart your web server if you are using mod_perl.


  1. I recommend setting the thumbnail size in one dimension 0 to maintain the perspective of the thumbnail and the original image.
  2. I recommend organizing your images into collateral folders that are the same as the galleries. This can be done by adding your images as collateral in folders and then adding images to the galleries, or by moving gallery-attached images into collateral folders (the gallery is unaffected by this change).
  3. The upgrade path prior to v2.1.0 involves removing and replacing the installations.  Existing galleries will need to be re-built - collateral should remain intact through the "upgrade".

System RequirementsPlease be advised: this contribution was tested with something older than WebGUI 7.5. When this contribution was uploaded there was no field for the author to fill out regarding it's requirements.
2plainmike: "Hi I am attempting to install the PhotoGallery wobject but am encountering a few errors.

The mysql create file tried to add to a table called "help", but there is no creation of that table within the file.

I commented out those lines and completed the installation but I am unable to get the Gallery to work. For instance when I try to add an existing image to the gallery nothing happens. If I try to add another image I get a list of 9 blank images. It appears I can upload images, but they are only updated (not added to the gallery).

The webgui log reports this:
Mon Dec 20 13:41:33 2004 /website/ AUDIT: Admin (3) added PhotoGallery_images V6iNuzhVbjeg71ceuIoVcA
/website//lib/WebGUI/Wobject/ (sub WebGUI::Wobject::setCollateral)

I am using WebGui 6.2.9."
4pwrightson: "The Help table is an issue because I was testing against 6.2.7 upgraded from 6.0.3 - somehow the Help table remained.

I am close to re-publishing without the help table refernece using the newer pm style help and I am re-including the international help too.

I will take a look at the collateral issue - I know there are going to be changes in 6.3 - maybe some got started"
4plainpatrick: "I finally got PhotoGallery working with WebGUI 6.2.9-gamma. Here are the changes I had to make:

1. In create-PhotoGallery-2.1.0.sql, the "collateralId" column in the "PhotoGallery_images" table had to be changed from an int to a varchar(22).

2. In lib/WebGUI/Wobject/, www_addImagesSave(), changed the regex from /f/ to /^f/:

  next if $id =~ /f/; # hack to stop folders being confused with files

changed to:

  next if $id =~ /^f/; # hack to stop folders being confused with files

Though I think even that could be problematic unless collateralIds are guaranteed never to start with an "f" if they're not a folder."
4pwrightson: "I just posted an update that works with 6.2.9.

Your help alowed me to pinpoint an error in www_addImagesSave() that is
supposed to ignore folders based on a leading 'f' being added to the
collateralId earlier in the code. This worked fine when the Ids were
all numeric but, as you point out, now Ids are varchar and are likely
to have an 'f' somewhere in the Id.

The regex should have been

next if $id =~ /^f/; # hack to stop folders being confused with files

However, it is possible to have an Id start with a 'f' character, so I have changed this line to be

next if $id =~ /^folder-/; # hack to stop folders being confused with files in "add image" tool

which I think, on the whole, to be very unlikely.

I hope to remove this clunky bit of code completely in a future"
2mz-as: "hi there...
i plan to upgrade my running 6.0.3 webgui to 6.2.9.
i have the original photogallery installed.

if i upgrade from 6.0.3 to current, i assume i have to upgrade photogallery too

will i loose my installed galleries and have to redo them?"
4pwrightson: "I am going to put an upgrade script (for the WebGUI 6.x versions) into the package and upload it shortly.

I would like to thank Joel Boonstra for the script which does exactly what you want - upgrade without having to redo all the galleries.

Watch this space."
4mz-as: "paul, u saved my day!


so i will wait a little...
i am frightend of the upgrade anyway ;-)"
2pwrightson: "Hi Dennis,
Sorry for the delay,
the upgrade you need is in the new zip file I just uploaded."
4mfrick: "

there is an mistake with the file, after downloading i started to unzip. THere is only one File without an ending specification like .txt or something like this.

May u please update the File.



4elnino: "
Hi. Just wondering if this works for 7.x? Thanks!

4plieger: "
Hi there,

Unzip the .gz file, add .tar to the unzipped file and then untar it... That should do the trick

Cheers, Roel Plieger.

4mz-as: "morning...

thx paul! the wait was no problem...
but now i really have to do the update stuff... :-)

anyway, may i offer one further enhancement?
i dont know how other ppl use the gallery, but i think it comes in handy if the slideshowbar 'paginates' (i.e. drop new line) after picture 20.
so u can avoid to run out of the current 'site-template' (i.e gallery with >35pics).

maybe this could be added as well in this handy wobject?
i have one perl-snippet from fdillon, but using this is to have all galleries do a 'linebreak' after picture 20.
would be nice to put it in the wobject as an "option" to choose (i.e. 10/20/30/40) where the 'linebreaker' is.

will try your new zip soon..."
4jmack: "

When is the Photogallery getting updated to 6.5 ?

In case it can be ready before next wednesday,

we can make a donation via paypal...

If you are interrested, please give me your emailaddress, so that we can discuss further..


4pwrightson: "

I have only just got round to reading this - so I am guessing your deadline is long gone.

I had been considering 6.5 for a while, but had not gotten very far with it.

My email address is in the readme.txt file - I try not to print it on goggle-able pages, for obvoius reasons. 
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