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Photo Gallery

v2.1.0 - for WebGUI 5.4.0 and higher.  If you do not have WebGUI 5.4.0 installed, please use a previous version of the PhotoGallery which can be found in this zip file.

- Modified the PhotoGallery to use Wobject level privileges instead of page level privileges
- Added additional options for the "images per row" setting
- Fixed "images per row" so that numbers appear in order
- Fixed Thumbnail Height and Width options to allow more than 2 digits
- Fixed a bug in the create script which caused it to fail.

v2.0.0 - for WebGUI v5.2.0 and higher - does not work with older versions of WebGUI

The module is called Tree-DAG_Node-1.04 on cpan's network.

- Modified the PhotoGallery to use WebGUI's 5.2 API (Contribution By Ben Simpson)
- Modified the PhotoGallery to use WebGUI's Collateral Manager API (Contribution By Ben Simpson)
- Added WebGUI Templating. Now the photogallery can take on any look and feel you desire (Contribution by Ben Simpson)
- Added a Slide Show option for users to browse images (Contribution By Ben Simpson)
- Added modifications to allow more than 1 image to be uploaded at a time (Contribution By Ben Simpson)
- Added Help
- Added Readme file with change history and install instructions
v1.4.1 - for WebGUI v5.0.0 and higher - does not work with older versions of WebGUI
- Fixed a bug that caused duplicating a photogallery wobject impossible (thanks to Martin Kamerbeek)
- Fixed a bug that would not allow images with uppercase extentions to be uploaded (thanks to Martin Kamerbeek)
v1.4.0 - for WebGUI v5.0.0 and higher - does not work with older versions of WebGUI
- Fixed the PhotoGallery to work with the collateral manager instead of the old image manager 
v1.3.0 - for WebGUI v4.6.8 and higher - does not work with WebGUI 5.0
- Fixed a bug that would allow the upload feature to upload documents besides images to the image manager(code submitted by Len Kranendonk)
- Added a "sort by popularity" feature which displays the images in order of "most viewed"(code submitted by Len Kranendonk)
- Added optional image information that can be displayed on the page displaying the image (code submitted by Len Kranendonk)
- Added a simple Chineese Translation (thanks to Mike Wu)
- Finished internationalizing the the PhotoGallery.  There were a few things left off. (dutch and chineese translations missing for the new items)
- Added Create, Drop, and Update SQL scripts for each specific functions
- Fixed the SQL file (again). Somehow an old copy was put out with the new code which was missing a table column and an international field.
- Added dutch translation (thanks to Len Kranendonk for the contribution)
- Removed an ambiguous line of code making mod_perl fail on compilation
- Fixed the case of the table names so that linux installs will work properly
- Fixed a bug where delete was not properly working
- Fixed a vertical spacing issue
This only works with WebGUI v 5.0.0 and above
This wobject creates a configurable photo gallery that works in correlation with the collateral manager.
It creates a page of image thumbnails. You may specify thumbnail height and width as well as spacing between images, the number of thumbnails per row that you wish to display, and text to go along with your image.

In addition this wobject allows you to directly upload images to the collateral manager, automatically add uploaded images to the photo gallery from which it was uploaded, and assign a group with permission to upload to a particular photo gallery.

To install, simply unzip the file into your WebGUI root. Then run the sql script entitled create-PhotoGallery-1.4.0.sql in your /webguiroot/doc folder.  If you are upgrading from version 1.3.0, unzip into your WeGUI root and then run upgrade-PhotoGallery_1.3.0-1.4.0.sql.



System RequirementsPlease be advised: this contribution was tested with something older than WebGUI 7.5. When this contribution was uploaded there was no field for the author to fill out regarding it's requirements.
4fdillon: "
There are a few of you who are wondering why use the photogallery when the user sumission system can essentially do the same thing?

The major difference between these two wobjects at this point is that the PhotoGallery images are uploaded to the collateral manager allowing you to be able to manage all of the content in one central location, and making the images uploaded re-usable to conserve space.  The user submission system, while essentially able to do the same thing, does not provide this feature.
4fdillon: "
Send me and email.   I usually only check this page when I post updates, so if you are having trouble and need help, email is the best way to get the issue resolved.

Please DO use this forum to post feature requests or general questions.  I will try to check it more often.

4ehab: "How do you install this"
4paulm: "Hi,

I receive the following error when running the create-PhotoGallery-2.0.0.sql file:

ERROR 1136 at line 102: Column count doesn't match value count at row 1

Am I doing something wrong?

Any help would be"
4dpaule: "I sure would appreciate some advice with your PhotoGallery. I've installed it. That was easy enough. But now I see an ERROR:PhotoGallery in the Add Content drop-down. I looked at the webgui.log to find this:

 Fri Dec  6 16:11:06 2002 /usr/local/www/data-dist/domains/ WARNING: Wobject failed to compile: PhotoGallery. Can't locate WebGUI/Wobject/ in @INC (@INC contains: /usr/local/lib/site_perl/5.8.0/i386-freebsd /usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.0/mach /usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.0 /usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl /usr/local/lib/perl5/5.8.0/BSDPAN /usr/local/lib/perl5/5.8.0/mach /usr/local/lib/perl5/5.8.0 . /usr/local/ /usr/local/lib/perl) at (eval 2977) line 2.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at (eval 2977) line 2.

I sure would like to use PhotoGallery as it would be a great addition to site. Thanks a lot:)

4dpaule: "

Any time frame for the PhotoGallery for WebGUI 5.0?


4vin1024: "1. go to your htdocs directory, or one directory below the WebGUI directory.

2. unzip the photo gallery .zip file

3. go to the WebGUI/docs directory

4. type this in at the shell prompt:

mysql WebGUI < create-PhotoGallery-1.1.0.sql"
4nils-magne: "

I try to install this Wobject and it is OK until I try to create a PhotoGallery. When i Click on Save I get an errorpage from WEBGUI and the page where I created the PhotoGallery object is not possible to reach anymore (just giving me error-page) Other pages is fine.

Looks like it is not passin the name of the database along with the SQL query, but I'am not skilled in SQL so I dont know. Anybody out ther who can give me an advice?

The databasename is WebGUI

This is the error from the log:

Thu Dec 19 10:38:01 2002 c:\apache\htdocs\www\ FATAL: Couldn't execute statement: select a.photoGalleryId,a.imageId,a.thumbWidth,a.thumbHeight,a.dateAdded,a.cutLine,,b.filename,b.username,b.dateUploaded from PhotoGallery_images a,images b where a.wobjectId='13' and a.imageId = b.imageId order by a.dateAdded desc : Table 'WebGUI.images' doesn't exist
4KinkiChef: "
Hi Frank :-)

Very nice work, the Photo Gallery!
What do you think, would a kind of pagination be possible, too? Similar to the discussion system in USS, you could give an option of how many images are shown on a page, along with the images per row. So there wouldn't be much scrolling down on galleries with more than a couple of images, but a <previous/next page> option.
I also dropped a ticket to feature requests asking for implement the into the Collateral Manager in order to being able to upload/import more than one file at a time or even whole folders. Maybe later by connecting to the collateral API of WG the Photo Gallery could make use of it, too. It's big work to put a lot of images or files into the gallery if you have to do it file by file :-).

Don't know how complicated it is to implement into the Photo Gallery wobject, but it would be nice features.

Thanks and greetings,
4KinkiChef: "
Hi again :-)

Just working with the gallery I'm thinking about a combination of the gallery wobject and the thumbnailLinker macro. So one could choose between showing the full image inside the page (as the wobject does) or in a pop-up window (maybe even customizable by javascript resp. template which could decide the design of the full image and/or the pop-up window).
Example: click on thumb -> show full image (if in an extra window: size fits image size) -> click on full image -> back to gallery (thumbnail) view. 
Just an idea, don't know how difficult this would be.

BTW: I think in the editImage subroutine there should be a 2 changed to 3 in the text-field define for thumbnail-width and -height, in order to allow 3-digit inputs like in the addImage routine. But I'm not sure whether I'm correct or not.

Thanks for this wobject and greetings,
4dpaule: "Just a follow-up. The problem was a duplicate database which was an internal error and NOT related to the PhotoGallery install. Got it working and it's great!"
4cinnix: "
I am having the same problem.

der by name : Table 'WebGUI.images' doesn't exist

4fdillon: "That's because the versions of the photogallery out do not work with version 4.9 or higher.  I'll have the 5.0 version out"
4fdillon: "
I should have it uploaded shortly after some testing.  Look for the new version 01/14/2003
4andreasG: "
heeeelpp! is this a bug??? i've added a photogallery and i've activated to use my pics from my collateral...

But i've removed this photogallery from my page and then emptied the trash.... AND ALL MY COLLATERAL IMAGES ARE DELETED!!

another bug: if i click on a pix, i recieve an errormessage...
2fdillon: "
--- (Edited at 1/15/2003 11:15 am by fdillon) ---

The photogallery does not delete items from the collateral tables.  It only deletes the reference to them in the photogallery (I double checked to be sure).

the "empty trash" component runs the following code in the photogallery:

WebGUI::SQL->write("delete from PhotoGallery_images where wobjectId=".$_[0]->get("wobjectId"));

I have tested this myself, and not found a problem.  I did exactly what you described and nothing was deleted from the collateral manager.

I'm not sure how much you know about WebGUI, but I would take a look in the collateral table and see if your content is still there, but not showing up on the collateral manager.

It's not possible that this was caused by the photogallery.


4andreasG: "
you're right, nothing is deleted.... now i can see all my collateral images...

?! thats very strange...  i haven't changed any things... except starting "" .... and deleted my cookies...
4dpaule: "
I'd suggest checking the create-PhotoGallery-2.0.0.sql and seeing what went wrong. Any other ideas? Thanks
4dpaule: "
--- (Edited at 7/11/2003 11:05 am by dpaule) ---

I manually created the necessary tables as per the "create..." script and everything works. The problem was:

VALUES(29,'PhotoGallery',1,'PhotoGallery, Add/Edit',1050510301)

4paulm: "
--- (Edited at 7/16/2003 4:24 am by paulm) ---

After editing 3 of the SQL commands on lines starting on line 102 to the same format as the commands in the rest of the file everything seemed to work fine.

The problem now is that I can upload images, and then view them in the collateral manager. But when I want to Add an image I get what looks like a very old version of the collateral contents, so I cannot actually add the image.

Now I've decided to remove the PhotoGallery completely. I just hope the removal SQL script works better than the creating script.
4fdillon: "
Sorry about the SQL errors.  A column was added to the international table recently and until now I had no idea that there were a few lines in there that didn't account for it.  This has been fixed in the v2.1.0 release.

As for your problem with 'old collateral items' showing up, that's a cache issue that happens when you replace an image with another image with the same name.  It has nothing to do with the PhotoGallery, and will even happen in the collateral manager from time to time. 

The PhotoGallery merely places pointers to images in your collateral manager, and provides an customizable interface to it.
4fdillon: "
Adding the standard WebGUI Pagination should be no trouble at all.  I'll add it in the next release of the PhotoGallery.

As for your comment about uploading multiple items, that may not be possible to implement given the restrictions of HTML forms.  It's a good idea, but I'm not sure how it could be done.
4KinkiChef: "
Great :-)

I'm looking forward to see pagination implemented. As for the upload thing: you are probably right concerning the html form restrictions. Maybe the future brings more comfort, who knows :-)

Thanks a lot,
2fdillon: "
Actually, you can make your own dreams come true ;)

Just create a new template to do whatever you want it to.  The default template for the PhotoGallery is by no means the end all be all, it's merely a suggestion. 

I do see the 2 in the editImage subroutine.   I thought I finally got them all this time.  I'll fix it in the next release.  Thanks for the input!
4fdillon: "
As of WebGUI 6.0, I am going to be making some updates to ensure compatibility.  I will also be taking this time to add some new features as well.  If you have ideas or functionality that you would like to see added, please post them here so I can keep them in mind.

On the feature request list for 2.2.0 so far:
- Adding a switch to allow images to pop up in a seperate window instead of showing the full size image inside a new page
- Fixing the thumbnail size field to allow 3 digit numbers
- Adding a pagination option for thumbnails
- Adding an option to allow the photogallery to read images from a directory on the webserver instead of from the collateral manager.

4SilverKat: "Feature request: extracting and storing/displaying EXIF data from the photographs would be extremely useful, zoph
( is a good"
4fdillon: "
I'm unfamiliar with this concept, but I'll look into it.
4gui: "
In future releases it would be nice to simply be able to display the Gallery Title along with the photo description for each photo.

thanks, Tom
3fdillon: "Could you clarify"
2gui: "When you click on the individual photo in any one gallery, you can display the cut-line info, but you cannot display the gallery title from that"
4fdillon: "I responded to your email, but I will definately add this capablity in the 2.2.0 release"
2gui: "

For the next release of this it might be nice to have some control over how the slider is represented, like instead of left and right arrows, maybe having the ability to choose the words previous and next ? Somehow bringing it out of the .pm and into the template.

4fdillon: "Consider it added"
4mikeu: "A Bulk loader options would be most"
4gui: "
The ability to have the "email this photo" function would be a nice option. I believe there are some email enhancements being made in WebGUI 6, in regards to Data Forms/email fields that may work together.

3fdillon: "
2.2 update:

I'm debating whether I should release PG2.2 now (it is currently compatible with WG6.0) or if I should wait until the 6.x release that changes the filesystem.  I'm not sure which changes will be affected by this, and I really don't want to do all this work twice.

Does anyone have a desperate need for any of these features now?  If not, I may just wait.
4maskedman: "I could really really use 2.20 right now, not sure if you can just send me a copy to save yourself the packaging"
2fdillon: "Which featrue specifically do you need.  Maybe we can work something out.  I'm trying to hold off on making changes because of what I mentioned previously.  The enitre filesystem in WebGUI is being revamped, so I'm really not sure what I'm going to need to change.  Maybe I can make another 1.x release with just the feature you"
4maskedman: "I mainly need full compatibility with WG 6.02. Not sure what the current incompatibilities are, but I was under the impression there were some. If you could at least give me a current list of incompatibilites, that would be helpful"
4fdillon: "
The current PhotoGallery is fully compatable with WebGUI 6.02.  My concern is that since so many APIs are breaking, it would become a double effort to make changes and then have to fix compatibility issues later.

My biggest concern is the filesystem changes.  The photogallery depends heavily on the functionality provided by the collateral manager APIs.  It looks like the plan is to make these changes in the next stable release of WebGUI (6.2).  Development on 6.1 will begin shortly after 6.0 is stable (hopefully soon).  If PB can stick to schedule, 6.2 may be released at the end of the summer or sooner.

As always, let me know if this is too long to wait.  I can probably release a few more 1.x versions with some new features if you don't think you can wait that long for the next release. 
4eu_son_ig: "

PhotoGallery don't work with WebGUI 6.1.1 :(. I hope you fix this problem soon :D.
2fdillon: "WG 6.1 is a beta release.  I'll be releasing a new version of the photogallery with 6.2 which will hopefully be out in the next few weeks.  I'll see what I can do about putting out a patch in the next few days.  It won't have any new features or fixes however, just the API changes needed to work with"
4eu_son_ig: "

Thanks for your quick answer and for your try to fix the current PhotoGallery version.

I use PhotoGallery in my web site and I don't understand how it's possible that this feature is not available in WebGUI. You are doing a good job :).

Best wishes!
4Roosta21: "Hey just looking through some of the sites that use your,  photo Gallery wobject. I does look great. Couldn't get it to work though as i have version 6.1.1. A quick fix would be great! and also someone mentioned bulk file upload I think that would be a very"
4fdillon: "My plan is to have a new release out this month.  I'll be going through all the requests and adding as much as I can.  I think I remember looking into multiple file uploads and finding some reason why it wasn't going to be possible, but I'll look into it again"
4Spiderman: "I fixed most of the errors and generated Tranlation Modules.

You can download the fixed files from

I will update the package if I find more"
4eu_son_ig: "I install the fix and, in my site, it works fine. Thank you very much for a good job ;)."
4fdillon: "
With 6.2 on the cuff, I'm finally getting into the meat of the next Photo Gallery release.  I've decided, after some deliberation and requests from users, that I'm going to package the next release in 4 versions.

Version 1 will be compatible with WebGUI 5.5.8 for those who do not wish to upgrade to the WebGUI 6.x versions until it is stable.

Version 2 will be compatible with WebGUI 6.0

Version 3 will be compatible with WebGUI 6.1

Version 4 will be compatible with WebGUI 6.2

Following this release, new features will only be added and packaged for the most recent versions of WebGUI.  I will still fix bugs for previous WebGUI versions, but I have no desire to maintain all of these.

My plan is to have all of these versions released this or next week some time with the following updates:
Tree::DAG_Node is being removed from this Wobject as it is being depricated in WebGUI 6.x
The UI for adding/editing images in a Photo Gallery is being completely revamped utilizing JavaScript and Dynamic HTML to make it easier to find and maintain images from the Collateral/Asset manager
Pagination is being added to the thumbnail pages
All user facing interfaces will be templatable including sliders.
Support for multiple files uploads to the collateral/asset manager in the the following manner:
- Import images from a directory on the server
- Import images from a zip file
Email this photo support.  This will email a link until a new mail API is installed in WebGUI
Various bug fixes
Possible features in this release if I have time.  If not, these will be in future releases
Adding the ability to add a PhotoGallery that reads it's files directly from a directory on the webserver rather than the asset/collateral manager
Adding the ability to add a PhotoGallery that reads it's files directly from a zip file
Support for extracting EXIF data from digital photos.  This will require a new PERL module, however I will be making this an optional feature.
The option to add disucssion forums to images
Please keep posting comments, bugs, and feature requests.  As always, email me any questions, comments, or features that you have added that you would like included with the main distribution. 
4fdillon: "
Add an option to export this photo gallery.  Will provide a zip file of all images in the gallery.
4andreasG: "
do you have updatet your Wobject? or do you wait for 6.3?

WebGUI worldwide Germany

4jmack: "Hi!

How is it going with the Photo gallery wobject for 6.2 ? ;-)

4techwolf: "Took the words right out of my mouth.  I was just about to ask if anyone had tried porting this over to 6.x yet."
4fdillon: "
I am still working on it unfortunately.  I had hoped to have it out prior to the 6.2 release, but it seems I haven't had a spare moment in the past 2 months.  Things should be slowing down for me now though =)

As for status, I am 50% complete with new additions.  If I can find a spare 8 hours this week, I should be able to get it out.  I apologize for the delay.
3Geewiz: "Hi Frank,

is there any chance that the "read images from a directory" feature will be available soon? I could use that feature heavily on quite a number of web sites.

Best regards,"
4pwrightson: "Hi fdillon and others,

I was needing this wobject for 6.x. Well, eveyone kept hassling me about not being able to see my digital photos and needing to categorize them etc, so I updated PhotoGallery for 6.2. I am about to post it separately.

My version has the same functionality as the 2.1.0 version for WebGUI 5.4, however I had to strip out the international strings and form the new language modules, so currently English is the only supported language. I will work out the others when I get some more time.

So, I appologize for duplicating effort and my intention is not to fork or split this wobject, but only to get done what I needed to get done.

I am also finishing off a small macro to enable the use of icons/pictures as navigation elements to navigate multiple"
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