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PayPal Website Payments Driver


JUL-20-09 Please note that the PayPal payment module included in WebGUI 7.7.15 is NOT this one and is based on ExpressCheckout - a $30/month PayPal, US-only (at least NOT UK anyway) API. Unfortunately, the upgrade over-writes one of our files - although the upgrade procedure says it should leave things alone. The interim workaround is to re-install the driver over 7.7.15.

MAR-04-09 An internal WebGUI API change stops the payment method being added. Use an unaffected WebGUI version 7.5.20s-7.5.38s, 7.6.1b-7.6.8b (we do not recommend the use of betas in production) or 7.6.13s. Alternatively, use the fix described in the bugtracker. Thanks to Luke R for this bug report.


1. Check the pre-requisites.
2. Untar the archive file over your WebGUI installation. There are no files or filenames that conlict with the standard WebGUI install.

3. Add an entry "WebGUI::Shop::PayDriver::PayPal::PayPalStd" in your WebGUI.conf file, in the "paymentDrivers" section, like this:

   "paymentDrivers" : [

4. Re-start modperl.

1. In the Control Panel / Shop Settings, select "Payment Methods" and add a new "Pay Pal" method.

2. Edit the payment method. Note:

    1. The WebGUI shop does not have a currency type. This module defaults to USD but supports other currencies (see the drop down).
    2. The "PayPal Account" is your PayPal email address.
    3. The "Signature" is the PDT (Payment Data Transfer) signature
    4. The payment method is DISABLED by default - if you want to use it, you must enable it.
    5. The default group to use this payment method is "everyone" - note that anonyomous purchases (i.e. using the shop without a WebGUI logon) is not allowed.
    6. Remember to set both "Payment Data Transfer" and "Auto Return" ON in the Website Payments section of your PayPal Profile and to use the
       URL listed as the PayPal "Return URL". Note that if you do not have SSL on your site, you may use http:// as a (slightly) less secure communication stream from PayPal.
    7. Note that the PayPal sandbox is enabled by default. We recommend getting a sandbox ID and testing in the sandbox before going live.

 Setting up a PayPal sandbox account is outside the scope of this document.

1. Delete any PayPal Standard payment methods that you set up.

2. Remove the line from your WebGUI.conf file that lists the payment module (WebGUI::Shop::PayDriver::PayPal::PayPalStd).

3. Re-start modperl.

4. (Optional) remove the following files

    WebGUI/docs/PayPalStd.INSTALL (this file)
    WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Shop/PayDriver/PayPal (directory)


  1. One some WebGUI installations that were upgraded to 7.5.20, the Edit Address Template was broken around the First Name / Last Name. It seems to be an issue only for sites that are upgraded and not freshly installed. The solution is to copy an Edit Address Template from a later version of WebGUI.
  2. The entire cart contents is currently defined in PayPal as a single item - "WebGUI Cart".
  3. No recurring payments - yet.
  4. Add this patch if you are using WebGUI 7.5.39-40, 7.6.9-12. Otherwise you will not be able to add the payment method.

System Requirements
  1. An installed and working copy of WebGUI (7.5.20s-7.5.38s or 7.6.1b-7.6.8b or 7.6.13s or higher).
  2. An additional module Crypt::SSLeay 0.57+ (possibly installed with WRE).
Release Notes for Version 0.82 (7/20/2009)

Additional: each item from your WebGUI cart transferred into PayPal. Included: PayPal button images instead of using a plain HTML button.


PLEASE, PLEASE test using a PayPal sandbox account before using in a Production setting (

3pwrightson: "Hi aewhale - please post the issues that you are experiencing. Alternatively, this module is included in the standard WebGUI release as of - 7.7.6"
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