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Mount your WebGUI database and edit templates as files

With this script, you can utilize Fuse and Fuse::DBI modules to mount templates from WebGUI and edit them using command-line utilities (like vi or ftp).

It will present templates in WebGUI as directory tree consisting of directories (which represent template's namespace) and files (which are templates from database). If template name has slash (/) in name, deeper directories will be created.

Template files will have correct lengths and write permissions which are specified in WebGUI database.

This is first release of this module to public. While installation might seem complicated because it requires compilation of fuse kernel module, fuse perl binding and this module, I hope that benefits are greater than effort to install it.

For more documentation visit project web site at

Update: version 0.05 includes fix for filenames with parenthes, tests which pass and patch for current CVS version of Fuse perl bindings.

Update: version 0.06 include fix for fusermount error messages which are confusing and wrong.

Update: version 0.07 includes smaller fixes and improvements and adds is_mounted call for script writers.

System RequirementsPlease be advised: this contribution was tested with something older than WebGUI 7.5. When this contribution was uploaded there was no field for the author to fill out regarding it's requirements.
2nuba: "Hi dpavlin,

Thanks for sharing this cool tool !
No more cuttin and pasting to/from gvim ;)
Kudos !"
4brother: "
Yes indeed.
I compiled it from cvs.
This was a little bit tricky but it went.

Now i'am able to edit the templates in a web editor like quanta. All without boring copy paste between MySQL Client and Webbrowser!

One problem I found, if there are some special characters like ()/^: in the templates name, the process unmount's the mountpoint and the Filetree disapears. Be shure you haven't special chars in your template names.

Thank's a lot
This tool helps work!

2dpavlin: "Actually, slashes in filenames will create (sub) directories which might not be optimal, but it works.

I also didn't have any problems with parentheses. I suspect that it's a shell problem which use open and close parentheses to lunch sub-shell.
I use bash shell and it escapes them for me like \(.

I plan to release new verison which can read WebGUI configuration file which helps a lot in a day or two (it's in Subversion repository for quite some time and working great).
2dpavlin: "I just uploaded new version which fixes all known bugs (well, just one :-) and includes patch for compilation against latest CVS version of Fuse and perl"
4brother: "
I have installed version 0.05.
But now I have following error from fusermount:

fusermount: entry for /mountpoint/ not found in /etc/mtab

I added all versions thinkable in /etc/mtab and /etc/fstab with no success.

Does anybody know the solution?

4dpavlin: "If you got that message after running of something like:

./examples/ /data/WebGUI/etc/foo.conf /mnt2

and actually mounting your database to /mnt2 (and pressing enter to exit), I'm afraid it's a normal mis-behaviour (read: bug).

Quick fix is to comment line 23 in which is $self->{'mounted'} = 1;
This will make tests fail, and I'm working on proper solution to this problem.

Fuse::DBI is still young project and taming Fuse perl binding is somewhat hard. I'm afraid that we'll have to wait for next version of Fuse perl binding to iron out all bugs (but, it will probably come soon).

If you got this error before (or instead) mounting your database, please e-mail me directly with more informations at dpavlin(at)rot13(dot)org or post more details here.

Sorry for all the trouble and thanks for report.
4ntisithoj: "

any possibiliy this can work with 6.7?  I see there is do Data::Config in 6.7.



4dpavlin: "Actually, yes. But, I will first have to update my WebGUI installation. I'll keep you posted.
DownloadFuse-DBI-0.07.tar.gz Fuse-DBI-0.07.tar.gz
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