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Listings 1.7 for WebGUI 7.X

What is Listings for WebGUI ?

A mega little app for WebGUI 7.  It is based on OpenRealty which is a php house selling script, but can be used for many things. 

For example listings of fishing clubs or  venues eg

Or software for sale / download 


You can customize the fields used not only be name, but type.  Make them browseable or hidden. Searchable or not.

As is the way with WebGUI the screens are customizable to your site. 


* Please note the following which are not complete or not planned to be done that were in previous versions.

1) You can NOT migrate images from a pre 1.7 version of this software to 1.7. (I don't plan for this to change either.)  You'll have to do that manually I'm afraid, though you can migrate the rest of your data etc.

2)  I have not as yet implemented the following (tho they are on the todo list).

a) Expiration date being used to automatically set listings to expired via the WebGUI workflow.

b) Added a forum/comment system to the listings. 

Please report any bugs / feedback.  And if you like it I do appreciate a donation.  You can via paypal here


System Requirements

WebGUI 7.5.x

Release Notes for Version 1.7.1 (1/15/2009)

1.7.1 - Small fix to the management of the Listings categories.


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