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JSHttpProxy (1.2)

The JSHttpProxy object is an additional proxy object that works similarly to the built-in HttpProxy object, but uses ajax to retrieve the remote content.  The benefit here, is that the page does not need to wait for the remote site to return before rendering and sending the page.  Exceptionally useful when proxy'ing slow sites.

 The other addition is the 'regex' option.  JSHttpProxy includes the ability to enter a 'start' and 'stop' parameters to only display content between 'start' and 'stop' but also allows you to display the content that is the result of a regex on the proxied page.

 JSHttpProxy does not allow you to rewrite URL's to keep the user in WebGUI while clicking the links in the proxied page.

JSHttpProxy was written in and tested against WebGUI 7.0.7+

To install, use the built in asset installer command.  Example:

  1. cd /data/WebGUI/lib
  2. perl -MWebGUI::Asset::Wobject::JSHttpProxy -e install WebGUI.conf
UPDATE:  I've posted an update that fixed the cookie passthrough.  Now the system will retrieve the cookies from the browser and uses a HTTP::Cookie jar to set the cookies as domain cookies.   Useful if you need the remote site to see the cookies from the browser (only works for sites in the same domain)

System RequirementsPlease be advised: this contribution was tested with something older than WebGUI 7.5. When this contribution was uploaded there was no field for the author to fill out regarding it's requirements.
2Jesse: "Nice work! :)

Join us on the #webgui irc channel on freenode! (I use the nick Radix)

4maxscience: "Can't this be included in the official WebGUI distro?
The ideal thing would be to merge this with the old Proxy asset, so you have an option of which method to use in the admin side.

Mac and Mac OS X Server power user"
4schwartz: "agreed, maxscience... would be great.
2isaac: "I just posted an update, that adds a partial cookie passthrough feature.  Not sure what it takes to get it added to WebGUI Core.  Maybe post the suggestion to the dev list/forum."
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