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Issues Manager

The IssueManager application allows you to create a listing of issues which link to the issue details. Attachments can be added to the issue when it is added or edited. 

There are a number of custom fields that you can use to expand the functionality of the issues database.

Issue Manager was developed using WebGUI 6 for Windows and ported back to WebGUI 5.

Note: Changes for 6.1.x and 6.2.x are included in the zip file.

System RequirementsPlease be advised: this contribution was tested with something older than WebGUI 7.5. When this contribution was uploaded there was no field for the author to fill out regarding it's requirements.
4andreasG: "
you have a small bug in your

lines 375 - 379 in your SQL-selects:

select ... from IssueManager_issue


select ... from IssueManager_Issue

WebGUI worldwide Germany

4AussieRules: "Thanks, some versions of MySQL are case sensitive to table names. I uploaded the fix."
4andreasG: "
your issue manager is so useful for me! many thanks..

are you planing some enhancements? Do you have a toDo-List?

WebGUI worldwide Germany

4andreasG: "
there are some other little errors in the lines 189, 193, 195, 247, 278 and 279 with the IssueAttachmentId.

WebGUI worldwide Germany

4terryh: "Am I missing something or do you really have to go into admin mode to add or update an issue?  If so, this means regular techs could add or delete issues at will even if you just wanted to have them update the issue status."
4AussieRules: "These are now"
4AussieRules: "
You are correct. This module works like most others in WG in that you need to be in admin mode to make changes to any field's value.

Unfortunately, to change it would mean adding field level security which is not all that easy. I don't have time to attempt this at the moment.
4andreasG: "
Is your Wobject tested with WebGUI 6.1.x? If not: what should i have to change?

WebGUI worldwide Germany

4Joe: "I get the following error...Any Ideas???

We have encountered a problem with your request. Please use your back button and try again. If this problem persists, please contact us with what you were trying to do and the time and date of the problem. Can't open log file: Check your WebGUI configuration file to set the path of the log file, and check to be sure the web server has the privileges to write to the log file.Software error:Can't call method "disconnect" on an undefined value at c:\data\WebGUI\lib/WebGUI/ line 155.

4Joe: "
I figured it out.  I ran the following command again as stated in the install.txt file:

   mysql -uwebgui -ppassword  mydatabase <create-issues-1-wg6.2.sql

2ntisithoj: "Issue Manager is great.  I made one simple change that improved it (IMHO) that is quite simple.

If you add to your appropriate styles.css the following lines

.Normal {background: white;color:black;}
.Low {background: green;color:yellow;}
.High {background: red;color:white;}
.Closed {background: white;color:black;}
.Open {background: red;color:white;}

then change the Issue Manager Template inside the

(add the '+' lines)

!! Replace '#' with '<'  I couldn;t get the html code to be escaped, and when I used <, is showed up as "<"... but you get the idea anyway.

    #td class="tableData" valign="top">
+    #SPAN class=#tmpl_var Issue.status>>
    #tmpl_var Issue.status>
+    #/SPAN>
    #td class="tableData" valign="top">
+    #SPAN class=#tmpl_var Issue.Priority>>
    #tmpl_var Issue.priority>
+    #/SPAN>

You'll get the different colors for different priorities and"
4andreasG: "do you plan to upgrade it to 6.5.x? that would be nice"
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