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GroupTextUp and GroupIdTextUp

GroupTextUp and GroupIdTextUp extend native GroupText macro. The main purpose is to be able displaying one of entered on the list text messages depending on the users's groups. The macro takes key-value pairs as arguments, in which the key is a group name or group ID and the text message. 


^GroupTextUp("Admins","I'am admin","Visitors","I'm visitor");
^GroupIdTextUp("3","I'am admin","1","I'm visitor");

You can input many pairs of group and text messages. Each time macro is executed it compares groups from pairs to user's groups. If no group will fit into user's groups macro returns nothing.
You also should remember that macro compares groups from left to the right. So, if user belongs to more than one entered groups, first which fit will be selected.

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Updated: 11/12/2009
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