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GreyBox package

This package includes the files required to use GreyBox pop-up v5.53 from Orangoo Labs within WebGUI. See for more information about the files, as well as examples of its functionality and documentation of its usage.

This pop-up uses javascript and css to create a nice-looking pop-up window on your site.

I have included the downloaded .zip file from Orangoo Labs in this package, as it contains documentation, examples and source code.

There was very little setup required to get this working in WebGUI, but importing it as a package makes it even easier. The package should be imported at the root of your site (or at least the URL should be set as /greybox); importing it elsewhere might mean you'll need to tweak some of the path information in the loader_frame.html file.

I'm not affiliated with Orangoo Labs in any way...I just wanted to use this on one of my sites, and thought someone else might like it as well. Feel free to give me karma if you like it!  Cool

Jarrod (aka jigou)

Release Notes for Version 1 (12/18/2008)

Initial upload of package file, utilizing GreyBox v5.53 from

4pvanthony: "Thank you for sharing the package.

Can this be integrated with the Gallery feature in WebGUI?"
Downloadgreybox.wgpkg greybox.wgpkg
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