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Google Sitemap Config XML

When import this package into your asset tree, you can visit to get the google sitemap config.xml file, then you can use the tool from google to generate the sitemap.xml.gz for google sitemap. 

The command is:
#wget --config=config.xml

You mast change the <site base_url="" ... > and <url href=" ...> to fit your site need.

Chinese user can see here for details:

System RequirementsPlease be advised: this contribution was tested with something older than WebGUI 7.5. When this contribution was uploaded there was no field for the author to fill out regarding it's requirements.
4Jesse: "
Great to see someone took my sitemap stuff a step further and made a package out of it!

Not sure if this got my latest tweaks, but I figured out how to do the timestamp properly for the config.xml - all it requires is a one line change to get it to do timestamps for each url.

in the <tmpl_loop pageloop>

change the url bit to:

<url href="<tmpl_var page.url>"
page.url>,,%y-%m-%dT%h:%n:%s+00:00);" />

You'll need to replace +00:00 above with your local timezone settings
based on GMT.  So if you're in Perth you might add +08:00 while if
you're in the US you might add -08:00.

I've included an updated google sitemap package based on zxp's work with the change above.


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4elnino: "
where is this LastModifiedPage macro coming from? I didn't see it described on the wiki either. do I need to install the package to get it?



4Jesse: "
package WebGUI::Macro::LastModifiedPage;

# WebGUI is Copyright 2001-2006 Plain Black Corporation.
# Please read the legal notices (docs/legal.txt) and the license
# (docs/license.txt) that came with this distribution before using
# this software.

use strict;
use WebGUI::Asset;
use WebGUI::International;

=head1 NAME

Package WebGUI::Macro::LastModifiedPage


Macro for displaying the date that the most recent revision of the given Asset was last modified.

=head2 process ( [asset, label, format] )

=head3 asset

Asset to calculate the date from.

=head3 label

Text to prepend to the date.  This can be the empty string.

=head3 format string

A string specifying how to format the date using codes similar to those used by
sprintf.  See L<WebGUI::Session::datetime/"epochToHuman"> for a list of codes.
Uses "%z" if empty.


sub process {
        my $session = shift;
        return '' unless $session->asset;
        my ($asseturl, $label, $format, $time);
        ($asseturl, $label, $format) = @_;
        $format = '%z' if ($format eq "");
        my $asset = WebGUI::Asset->newByUrl($session,$asseturl);
        ($time) = $session->dbSlave->quickArray("SELECT max(revisionDate) FROM assetData where assetId=?",[$asset->getId]);
        if ($time) {
                return $label.$session->datetime->epochToHuman($time,$format);
        my $i18n = WebGUI::International->new($session,'Macro_LastModified');
        return $i18n->get('never');


If my comment is useful, rate me - I can always use the karma! :)
Join us on the #webgui irc channel on freenode! (I use the nick Radix)
4dionak: "
Is it just me, or is this package now corrupt? 



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