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db backup script

I thought I'd post the little script that I use to run daily backups of my WebGUI databases.  It's quite short, so I'll just paste it in-line here.

# script used to backup WebGui databases

# this assumes that the databases all end in a
# specific tag -- I started using '_webgui'
# and then shortened it to just '_wg'.
# If you don't use some way of grepping your database
# names from the list of databases, then you'll
# probably need to include a list directly here,
# but that's not very reliable.  Perhaps some other
# method would work...

sites1=`mysql -B -e "show databases" | grep _webgui`
sites2=`mysql -B -e "show databases" | grep _wg`
sites="$sites1 $sites2"

# change this to the path where your backups go
d="/data/WebGUI/baks/`date +%y%m%d.%H%M%S`_baks"

# Create a new directory that is named something like
# /data/WebGUI/baks/030124.023106_baks

mkdir -p $d

echo "backing up WebGUI databases: $(date)"

for i in $sites
        echo "$i:"
        echo "   Backing up...$d/${i}_bkup.sql"
        mysqldump -uwebgui -pPASSWORD --add-drop-table $i >$d/${i}_bkup.sql
        echo "mysql $i <${i}_bkup.sql" >>$d/restore

echo "Done."
echo "----------------------------------------"

I put an entry into my crontab that looks like this:

39 5 * * * /data/WebGUI/baks/bkup_wg_dbs >>/data/WebGUI/baks/bkup_log

This runs the backup script (bkup_wg_dbs) at 05:39 every morning and appends the results to the file 'bkup_log'. 

You could change the directory naming scheme (using different formatting options on the date command) to accomodate different kinds of backup strategies.  I happen to prefer this "date.time" format.

One of the useful things I included is that the script also creates a 'restore' script that can be run from the backup directory to restore the entire database, making it very easy to go back to a prior database instance.


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Updated: 8/12/2005
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