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I am trying to use chartdirector to create charts. I think I am doing it right but am not certain. I haven't purchased chartdirector, is there a limitation to what I can do with the download version?

Is the SQL syntax just standard syntax?

select count(column) from table

I only get the guage chart, if I select Pie or XYChart the area for the chart image is blank. When I select the guage chart I do get the guage but it never changes from zero with the above sql statement in the First Layer SQL.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Forgot to add the following:

WG Ver: 6.7.5
ActivePerl: 5.8.4
@INC: c:\data\perl\libĀ  (which is where I copied the /lib from the chartdir zip)
Chartdirector: 4.0 for Perl

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Updated: 12/5/2005
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