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General description

The United Knowledge Player for WebGUI is a free, open source Flash slideshow player that is included in the extras folder (as of 7.5.6 stable). Is is currently being used in the Matrix, but can also be used on it's own.


You can view an example implementation on, where it is used for displaying tutorials.

The configuration options can be found in the readme file:

  • /extras/ukplayer/readme.txt

There are three example files to show you how to use this player:

  • /extras/ukplayer/slideshow.html
  • /extras/ukplayer/config.xml
  • /extras/ukplayer/content.xml


The UKplayer has been developed by United Knowledge. We are currently looking for Flash/AS3 literate people to help us support and expand the UKplayer. If you want to add a feature or help out in general, please contact Rogier (rogier[at]unitedknowledge[dot]nl).


This player is Free Software under the GPL v2. Check out the latest source on:


United Knowledge


Known bugs:

  • none.

Please post any bug reports in the "Report a bug" section.


How to use this on your site?

First, make sure your webgui installation is later than 7.5.6. If not, you won't have the necessary files.

Checkout the code from SVN or find the four files (described above) in the extras folder. For example if your site url is, the files can be found like so:

If you copy the code from the html and paste it in a snippet (for example) it should work, but it hasn't got the right content yet. This is done by making 2 xml files.

Find the two xml files (config.xml and content.xml), copy their contents and past those in one snippet for each. Important: make sure you set the MIME type to xml!

Then take the url of the config xml file and replace the the urls to the config.xml in the html. So replace "config=/extras/ukplayer/config.xml" in the html by "config=" + the url to the snippet (mind you: that line appears twice in the code).

Edit the content xml snippet to add you own images and texts. Here's the readme.txt, the tags for the content are described at the bottom of that file.

Now you can edit the snippet with the config xml. Add the url to the snippet with the content xml, to the <content_url> tag. Now the files you added to the content xml snippet will show up in the player.

Finally, you can customize the colors and behaviour in the config xml (again, see the readme.txt).

Keywords: flash knowledge slideshow uk-player ukplayer united

5elnino: "This is awesome, the only thing I have to add is, in the content.xml file, you can use the &#94;Thumbnail macro to load up the thumbnails for the <thumb_source> tag. For the macro to work, you need to make sure that the "process as template" is set to yes. EXCELLENT plugin."
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