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4WRE Build patch for Ubuntu/AMD64
This patch file allows the WRE source to be built on a 64-bit Ubuntu system (tested under Hardy Heron).

2Login script - set user profile data
This login script will set profile data for the user logging in. This script is called by the runOnLogin configuration setting. For example, you can use this script to set the user alias on login. Copy the script to /data/WebGUI/sbinAdd t

5countdown_timer.png Countdown Timer
A Javascript countdown timer that supports CSS styling. Install and set the time of your event in the article to have your very own event countdown timer.

5FancyBox4WebGUI-popup.jpg FancyBox for WebGUI
This package provides the FancyBox jQuery library v1.3.4 for displaying images, videos, and HTML content in an elegant box.

0W3C_Validator-Screenshot.png W3C Validator Workflow
Description This workflow is a proof of concept that demonstrates connecting to the W3C Markup Validation Service ( for web page validation. Currently, it only validates the default page. Results are sent by em

5List of Thingy Fields
This package provides an SQL Report that generates a list of thingy fields sorted by Thing. It provides the SQL query for getting back the list of values for each field.

4My-Company---Search_1220643089740.png Advanced Search
This search template provides the following features: * Google-style design * Post back to container to preserve page layout * Pop-up help screen * Friendly no-match message * Links include an anchor to the matched asset

3AWS E-commerce System Macro
NAME WebGUI::Macro::AWS_ItemLookup DESCRIPTION The AWS_ItemLookup macro uses Amazon E-Commerce Service to lookup book, music or other item details from the Amazon website using an ASIN (Amazon Standard Item Number). For books, the ASIN is the sam

0Data Form Email Template with Mailfields
This template provides a Data Form email template that includes the mailfields (e.g., To, CC, Bcc, Subject, ReplyTo) in the message.

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