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07.10 Metadata Upgrade Fix
The upgrade from 7.9 to 7.10 adds metadata versioning, but fails to fully update existing metadata values, causing the apparent disappearance of metadata. This utility script updates the metaData_values table to add proper revisionDates.

4Thing Linker
Use this utility script to batch-update internal links between Thingy Things when importing a relational database into Thingy.

0Thingy Select List Alphabetizer
Thingy is a great tool, but a challenge to use because of the randomized-select-list bug. This bit of jQuery-assisted JavaScript re-orders the items in select lists client-side as a temporary fix until the bug gets fixed.

0Random Visible Asset Proxy macro
A variation on the RandomAssetProxy macro that eliminates unviewable assets from consideration, ensuring that the viewer will see something, if at least one asset is visible.

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