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Keyword: Workflow

0AwardKarma Workflow Activity
A workflow activity to award karma to users.

5Workflow Activity to Create Personal User Areas, When user is created.
This Workflow activity, will create a personal space for a user. The activity can be triggered when a new user is created at your site. Its kind of a Dashboard thing, but all is made in code.

0Report on Workflow Activities, by Workflow
I'm always trying to find out which Workflow Activity is in which Workflow.

2Pending Version Tag Reminder Workflow Activity
This workflow activity lets you select a worfklow, and should any version tag that is pending approval exist for more than 2 days, a reminder email is

0W3C_Validator-Screenshot.png W3C Validator Workflow
Description This workflow is a proof of concept that demonstrates connecting to the W3C Markup Validation Service ( for web page validation. Currently, it only validates the default page. Results are sent by em

2Send an email to a specified address. WebGUI::VersionTag Workflow Activity
Place in /data/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Workflow/Activities/ Place

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