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4Macro: PageIfElse
Macro for pulling metadata or data from the Asset in which it's embedded. If it is not defined, will return the second argument passed to this routine, from the Asset in which it's embedded.

to show special offers on your site

0Screen-shot-2011-05-06-at-4.24.59-PM.png Envolve Chat Macro
This enables the Envolve chat system in WebGUI.

0MLform Macro
Macro to generate a formElement (default: Date)

0screenshot.jpg Parent Macro
returns information about the current asset's parent.

0RedirectUrl macro
gets the redirect url for navigations

0MLlang - Display internationalized content
A macro that makes it possible to show language dependent content and navigation

0Macro PickLanguage
Makes links to change front end language

0VarSku macro
return the varsku of the first variant of a product.

enables you to switch between similar pages in different page trees

0InShopCredit macro
macro to show users in shop credit

0Inline Registration Form
This will allow you to put the user registration form anywhere, on any page.

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