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  • Configure the WRE for Developers
    This page was removed because it was a duplicate of WRE for Developers:
  • How to Include WebGUI in Ubuntu Server Startup
    startup scripts
  • Installation Options
    WebGUI is a very large application, and has many prerequisites. This can make installing WebGUI difficult for some people. We've tried to make the installation process easier for you by creating the WebGUI Runtime Enivoronment. We recommend using that to install WebGUI.
  • The /data Partition
    A lot of people ask us why we distribute WebGUI ready to be installed into a folder called /data. The answer is simple: experience. If you've ever been involved with a hosting environment you'll likely remember that servers were almost never upgraded once deployed. This was probably because it was just too difficult to do. There were files strewn around the filesystem and upgrading meant reinstalling all the server software. In addition, a lot of system administrators create a large RAID array to store all of their data. Administrators seem to have any name in the book as to what they will call these filesystems. Some we've seen are /data, /u1, /share, /bfd, /raid, and even /bigdog. Sometimes they'll use a name that already exists in the Linux filesystem like /usr, /usr/local, /var, or /opt. The problem with using a name in the filesystem is that your data is mixed in with operating system files. So we chose /data as our default partition name. Here are some of the advantages of using a /data partition:
  • WebGUI Runtime Environment
    The WebGUI Runtime Environment is a compilation of all the WebGUI prerequisites into a simple preconfigured package. The WRE is the recommended installation platform for all production WebGUI servers. In addition, it provides many useful utilities for administering your WebGUI sites, as well as several performance enhancements over other types of installs.
  • WRE for Developers
    Setting the WRE up in Dev mode does the following things:
  • WRE Installation
    Please note: This wiki article is a formatted version of the /docs/install.txt file that is included in all WRE binaries. 
  • WRE-Building
    If there is no precompiled binary of the WRE for your operating system you may have to build it from source. Luckily it shouldn't be too hard. These instructions will show you the way.
    These are our responses to some of the more commonly asked questions about the WRE. If you are having problems installing the WRE, please see WRE Troubleshooting for help.
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