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  • Installation Options
    WebGUI is a very large application, and has many prerequisites. This can make installing WebGUI difficult for some people. We've tried to make the installation process easier for you by creating the WebGUI Runtime Enivoronment. We recommend using that to install WebGUI.
  • Source Install
    Installing WebGUI from source is not a simple matter. If you have no experience installing open-source software you should either use the WebGUI Runtime Environment, seek professional assistance, or be prepared to run up against several hurdles. An experienced WebGUI installer can install WebGUI and all related components in about an hour. An experienced system administrator can expect to do it all in less than a day. Someone with no experience can expect to spend several days or even weeks reading and learning to install all of the required components of WebGUI. If you need help, please feel free to contact Plain Black.
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