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  • JSON, utf8, and MySQL
    Just a note: do not use binary fields to hold your UTF8 json encodings in MySQL.  If you do, make sure to decode them manually from UTF8.  But if you use a text field to hold the json, you should not have an issue.
  • MySQL Administration
    From the command-line:
  • mysql installation options
    This is VERY high level, simply a reminder to myself and something for me to refer to.  But I'm also hoping that it is helpful to those needing to deciding what to do in these situations and to point them in the right direction.
  • MySQL Replication
    A not carfully planned and configured replication may destroy your data!
    These are our responses to some of the more commonly asked questions about the WRE. If you are having problems installing the WRE, please see WRE Troubleshooting for help.
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