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  • hiding anonymous registration link
    I wanted to be able to have customer register on my site, but I didn't want the "create a new acount" visible. So I went to settings, and created a new template for the login page.
  • Locked out of WebGUI
    There are a couple of cases where you might lock yourself out of WebGUI by making poor administrative decisions. Luckily, this doesn't mean you need to start over, there is a way out of it.
  • Login Box Macro
    ^L; or ^L(); - Login Box A small login form. This macro takes up to three parameters. The first is used to set the width of text boxes for entering the username and password: ^L(20);. This width is scaled by 2/3 if the user's browser isn't IE due to differences in the way that different browsers draw the text boxes. The second sets the message displayed after the user is logged in: ^L(20,"Hi ^a(^@;);. Click %here% if you have to scoot!");. Text between percent signs (%) is replaced by a link to the logout operation. The third parameter is the ID of a template in the Macro/L_loginBox namespace to replace the default template. The variables below are available for use in the template.
  • Templating login, account and the user's profile
    Getting your users to login creates a whole new world of possibilities. This wiki is about the templates and settings involved in designing the pages your users see when they:
  • User Login History
    There are two ways to find out when a user last logged in.
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