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  • Conventions for German Translation
    This wiki page has been created for collaborative development of the "Translators' Notes" section in the official German WebGUI translation. Accordingly, the remaining content is kept in German.
  • Installing the Translation Server
    The goal of this page is to show you how to set up WebGUI's translation server for fixing bugs or implementing RFEs.  Instructions were developed for setting up the translation server with a source install of WebGUI. But running it inside the WRE is equally possible
  • International Macro
    ^International(); ^International(key,namespace); Pull a translated message key from the internationalization system.  By default, it looks in the WebGUI namespace.  A different namespace can be specified as a second, optional argument.
  • Internationalization
    WebGUI's internationalization system makes it easy for you to create applications that are globally useful. We encourage all WebGUI developers to create internationalized plugins even if they don't think their plugin will be used internationally.  Check out To use the internationalization system see the API reference for the WebGUI::International module. To create internationalized messages, create a file in lib/WebGUI/i18n/English/ The internationalization system in WebGUI use perl modules in order to keep the translations fast. The file takes the following format. package WebGUI::i18n::English::SOMENAMESPACE; our $I18N = {         'some message' => {                 message => q|Put your message here|,                 lastUpdated => 1039908565         },         'some other message' => {                 message => q|Put your other message here|,                 lastUpdated => 1099908565         } }; 1; The last updated date is in Epoch format (the number of seconds since January 1, 1970). To get todays epoch date run the following perl command at the command prompt: perl -e 'print time()."\n";'
  • Setting the default language on your site
    To change the default language for new users on your site:
  • Translating WebGUI
    WebGUI's interface (labels, buttons and form controls) are internationalized.  This is a set of tips and information about producing a translation of WebGUI for your language.
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