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  • File Template Variables
    The following variables are available in File Templates (7.3.x):
  • FilePump
    This article has been merged into the main FilePump wiki page.
  • Server won't upload big files
    There is a limit to the file uploads in WebGUI.  If you need to temporarily upload large files, it is recommended that you set the limit high enough, upload the file, then reset the limit. The limit is the TOTAL size of all the files you are uploading at one time. So if the limit is set to 10M, and you need to upload 11 files at 1 M each you will exceed the limit.
  • uploading a flash piece to the website
    Many Many options:
  • Wobject Cookbook
    The Wobject Cookbook is intended for developers as a cookbook guide to writing a custom asset. It includes miscellaneous recipes on how to do various tasks within your custom asset. 
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