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  • runOnLogin
    This is a configuration file option that defines an optional script to run upon successful login. The script invocation can contain macros in the parameters being passed to it. For example:
  • Server won't upload big files
    There is a limit to the file uploads in WebGUI.  If you need to temporarily upload large files, it is recommended that you set the limit high enough, upload the file, then reset the limit. The limit is the TOTAL size of all the files you are uploading at one time. So if the limit is set to 10M, and you need to upload 11 files at 1 M each you will exceed the limit.
  • Simplifying WebGUI for End-users
    WebGUI can be somewhat overwhelming when a user first encounters the admin console and admin toolbar. The purpose of this wiki entry is to share some ideas and techniques to make WebGUI a little less intimidating to new users.
  • What to do if privileges on the uploads directory don't seem to work
    This issue should be fixed in recent versions of the WRE 0.8.x via rewrite rules in the modproxy template file which check for the existence of a .wgaccess file. However, as of v0.8.5, the rewrite rule which checks for the .wgaccess file is wrong (see this support ticket). Replace the $ with a % in the 2nd rewrite rule to get this to work. Hopefully this problem will be addressed in the next release of WRE.
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