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  • Admin Bar Macro
    ^AdminBar; ^AdminBar(custom template ID); Places the administrative tool bar on the page. Omitting this macro will prevent you from adding content, pasting content from the clipboard, accessing the help system and other administrative functions.
  • Admin Text Macro
    ^AdminText(text message); Displays a small text message to a user who is in admin mode. Example: ^AdminText("You are in admin mode!");
  • Admin Toggle Macro
    ^AdminToggle(); ^AdminToggle([enable admin], [disable admin], [template name]); Places a link on the page which is only visible to content managers and administrators. The link toggles on/off admin mode. You can optionally specify other messages to display like this: ^AdminToggle("Edit On","Edit Off"); This macro optionally takes a third parameter that allows you to specify an alternate template name in the Macro/AdminToggle namespace.
  • Areas of Interest Hits Macro
    Macro for displaying the number of times a key,value pair occurs in the metadata for content viewed by the current user.
  • WebGUI Statistics
    The Statistics page contains useful information about the current site. Some of the fields can be confusing if you don't have inside knowledge of WebGUI. Here's an attempt to document what the numbers mean:
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