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  • Commit Version Tag
    Committing the version tag will make its content the current version of content that is used and displayed on your website.
  • Find most recent versions with assetIndex
    The assetIndex table is part of WebGUI's search system, also described in some detail in JT's Black Blog. Because the primary purpose is to facilitate searching for current versions of content, each asset gets only one entry in the table, representing the current committed version of the asset. This makes the table very useful, not only for what most of us think of as "searches" on content, but also for SQL Reports. For example, finding the 3 most recent posts to a forum or a list of tomorrow's events.
  • Request Approval for Version Tag
    This workflow activity is used by WebGUI's version control. It is used to require approval for a version tag to be committed.
  • Scheduled Publishing
    To schedule publishing in WebGUI, create a version tag and make your new edits under this tag. Then, you'll want to create a workflow to commit this tag at a set time.
  • Unlock Version Tag
    When you are in admin console >> version tag >> manage pending version
  • version tags overview
    When you "turn on admin", you'll see a sub menu called "Version tags" in this area, you will see a list of open "version tags" in this context, an open "version tag" is simply a name given to a LOG of changes made under that version tag.
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