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  • Donations
    Many non-profit organizations can benefit from allowing people to make online donations. The Donation asset is an easy way for users to do so, and allows the organization to suggest a default donation amount, while still allowing the user to edit that amount.
  • Event Management System
    The Event Manager is useful for selling admission to a convention or similar event. The Event Manager allows you to sell badges to an event, create tickets for admission to individual events taking place at the main event, create ribbons to redeem at the event for discounts, and create tokens to use as currency at the event.
  • Shopping Cart
    (this is a small subset of features; hopefully someone more knowledgeable about the shopping cart will add a more exhaustive list)
  • Shopping Cart Macros
    These macros are used for interfacing with the WebGUI Shopping Cart introduced in WebGUI 7.5.
  • Subscriptions
    Subscriptions allow you to sell your users group access on a subscription basis. To sell content to your users, set the content to be viewable by a certain group, then set that group to be used by the subscription. When a subscription expires for a user, the user is expired from the subscription group. The expiration for a subscription group and a subscription should match.
  • supported payment drivers
    as of 9/8/2010
  • WebGUI's Shopping Cart
    The Shopping Cart is part of WebGUI Shop. WebGUI Shop allows users to sell online merchandise, sell subscription services, collect online donations, and sell access to and manage events.
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