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WRE for Developers

Why use the WRE in Dev Mode?

Setting the WRE up in Dev mode does the following things:

  • automatically adds a development site (dev.localhost.localdomain
  • tweaks a few templates to turn on things like Apache2::Reload so that you don't have to restart modperl to make changes to source files come into effect (Note that Apache2::Reload is no longer enabled or included in WRE version 0.8.3. Instructions for downloading and installing Apache2::Reload are available in the developers' wiki.)

It's relatively easy to set up the WRE for development purposes. Just follow these simple steps to success.

Building WRE

If you are building the WRE from scratch, you can run `./ --with-wdk` to eliminate non-necessary prereqs files such as man pages. See the makeItSmall() function in the script.

Installing WRE

Install the WRE as normal, except that when the setup script asks you whether you want to use the WRE for development purposes, say yes.

If you are a core developer and have access to the WebGUI git repostiory, see here for setting up your git.

If you're just developing your own plugin's for WebGUI, you can skip the above steps or use the above steps to connect to your own git or subversion repository. 


Don't forget to restart modperl and modproxy after making these changes.

/data/wre/sbin/rc.webgui restartweb

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0axishift: "I tried to look for:
/data/wre/sbin/rc.webgui restartweb

And could not find the rc.webgui using wre-0.9.1-source.tar.gz    "
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