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UI Levels

WebGUI has a fairly unique concept of UI (User Interface) Levels. UI Levels are a mechanism to "dumb down" a user interface based upon the skill of the user. WebGUI administrators can set the UI Level for each user. It is the job of the developer to determine which UI Level should be applied to the various components of WebGUI plug-ins that they write.

The Levels

The following is the list of UI Levels:

0 Beginner
1 Novice
2 Trained
3 Rookie
4 Skilled
5 Adept
6 Professional
7 Expert
8 Master
9 Guru

Choosing a Level

If a UI Level is set to "0 Beginner" then it should show nothing except what is absolutely necessary for the plug-in to function. If it is set to "5 Adept" then it should show the most useful options and leave the difficult, confusing, or rarely used options for a higher level. If it is set to "9 Guru" then it should show every possible option. Unfortunately, there is no black and white method of choosing a UI Level for a wobject or any individual property. You, the developer, have to make an educated guess as to what's important, confusing, and/or difficult to use. We've found that user testing and focus groups are quite dependable for determining the UI Levels for our wobjects and properties.

UI Levels can be set for an entire wobject, and also for each form property individually. To set it for the entire wobject, then create a method in your wobject called uiLevel that returns the UI Level (as an integer) for the wobject. All wobjects default to UI Level 0 if no method is specified.

NOTE: The UI Level defaults to "5 Adept" for all users except the admin user.

Default UI levels for admin console

Taken from configuration file, version 7.10.28

  Group uiLevel
loginHistory   5
clipboard 12 5
statistics   1
users   5
activeSessions   5
inbox 2 1
versions   7
help   1
groups   5
userProfiling   5
ldapconnections   9
contentProfiling 4 5
databases   9
adSpace   5
settings 3 5
workflow   7
assets 12 5
assetHistory   5
graphics   5
passiveAnalytics   1
shop   5
trash 12 5
cron   9
spectre   9
adminConsoleOff 12 1
addons 12 1
contentFilters   3
cache   5
filePump   5

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