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Translating WebGUI

WebGUI's interface (labels, buttons and form controls) are internationalized.  This is a set of tips and information about producing a translation of WebGUI for your language.

  1. Translations are setup for the most recent version of WebGUI in the beta branch.  Even so, the translations will work well with earlier versions of WebGUI.
  2. There is a website setup for managing the translations, at  Please use it to update existing translations, begin new translations, and download translations.
  3. The English for the translation server is updated weekly, when a new version of the beta branch is released.
  4.  After translating a bunch of entries, use the Commit to SVN link to make a check-in of your work.  That way, if it is vandalized, your work can be recovered.
  5. Each language has a Translator's Notes link, where translators can leave notes for each other.  This can help keep translated entries consistent with one another.
  6. In order to make a new translation available on your site, untar the laguage pack downloaded from into <webgui_root>/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/i18n. Afterwards the modperl module has to be restarted. If the translation was only updated, emptying the cache may be necessary in addition.
    1. Each language module consumes a fair amount of memory, you may need to adjust the number of modperl processes or Apache2::SizeLimit settings after installing a new translation.

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