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Templating login, account and the user's profile


Getting your users to login creates a whole new world of possibilities. This wiki is about the templates and settings involved in designing the pages your users see when they:

  • create an account

  • invite other users to create an account

  • change their password, forgot their password or had an expired password

  • view their profile

  • edit their profile

In total there are 9 templates discussed here: the five basic account templates, two more related to user invitations and two more to view and edit a users profile.


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Settings AuthenticationFive templates can be found under settings->authentication.

  • account template (change account password and/or username)

    Update AccountThe account template becomes visible when a user is logged in and clicks 'my account' or when you add "?op=auth;method=init" to the end of the url. The user can change his username and/or password when either of these settings is selected in Admin console->Settings->Authentication.

  • create account template

    Create accountThis template is visible if you have selected 'anonymous registration' in Admin console->Settings under the user tab or you have 'enable user invitations' selected in Admin console->Settings. It shows a login and two password fields and all profile fields that are checked as both editable and 'show at registration' in Admin console->User profiling.

  • expired password template

    This template becomes visible if a user logs in, but his password is expired. The user has to enter both the old as well as a new one twice to change his password. When a user's password is expired is selected in Admin console->settings->authentication->password timeout. It's also possible to expire someone's password when the user doesn't create it's own password, but a privileged user creates it for him.

  • login template

    The account template becomes visible when a user is not logged in and clicks 'login' or if you add "?op=auth&method=init" to the end of the url. In this template a login box is shown and depending on the options selected in the settings a few links to other account-functions. (see below)

  • password recovery template

    Here a user can enter a new password, if he can provide some other information. There are three possible settings for password recovery: none, by email and by profilefield. If by email is set, the user enters his emailadres here and receives an email with a string to reset his password. If by profilefield is set, some profilefields that are set to be used for password recovery (Admin console->User profiling->edit a field) have to be filled in by the user to be able to reset his password.

Each of these functions is an operation. This means that you can display this functionality on every page of your site. The login operation is not a page and has no place in the page tree. In the menu, you stay where you were before the operation was called.

Below each of these fields a set of links to other login/account operations may be displayed. These are:

  • my Account (?op=auth;method=displayAccount)

  • view profile (?op=viewProfile;uid=xxxxxx)

  • edit profile (?op=editProfile)

  • logout (?op=editProfile)

  • invite a friend (?op=inviteUser)

    For this link to be visible, enable user invitations (Admin console->User) has to be set to yes.

NOTE: the following templates can now be found at: Admin Console -> Settings -> Account. ( in WebGUI 7.10 perhaps earlier )

User invite templates

Invite a friendUser invitations have an

  • email template and a

    This template is found via Admin console-> User

  • create account template (this one is shared with anonymous registration) and a

    This template is found via Admin console -> Authentication

  • send invitation template

    WARNING: This template cannot be selected via de WebGUI User Interface. This means the only way to change this template is to copy the original - to have a backup - and make the changes to the original template. (Always backup because default templates may be overriden if you upgrade.)

    The template is found in Asset manager->root->import node->7.40. new templates.

View and edit profile

Edit profileJust like the send invitation template, this is kind of a half-template. It's not selectable via the WebGUI Interface. This means the only way to change the template is to change the original. Therefore, always create a backup of the original first. (Because default templates may be overriden if you upgrade.)

The templates to view and edit a users profile can be found via:

Asset manager -> root -> import node -> Operation/Profile/View

Asset manager -> root -> import node -> Operation/Profile/Edit

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