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Table of Contents

General WebGUI 

WebGUI License - GPL Version 2

WebGUI Glossary

WebGUI Tips 


WebGUI Community

Getting Started in the WebGUI Community 

IRC - WebGUI Channel 

Adding content to the Wiki 


Using WebGUI (Content Managers)

Tell a Friend HOWTO

Users, Manage 

Gaining Rank on Search Engines 

How to get the most out of Snippets 

How to export an entire WebGUI site to HTML 

How to add a Synopsis to your Collaboration System Templates 


How to Add A User To A Group On Registration

How to make a Google Sitemap of your WebGUI site 

Data Form Fields, Add/Edit 

Collaboration System - Overview of Collaboration System

How to use Tabs on the DataForm 

How to add a webgui user via a url

Using the Clipboard

Asset Toolbar 

Cache EMS Prerequisites

Change URL

Purge Old Asset Revisions

Purge Old Trash 

Request Approval for Version Tag

Rollback Version Tag

Clipboard, Empty

Commit Version Tag

Committed Versions

Content Prototypes, Using 

Get Collaboration System Posts from Email

Get Syndicated Content

Trash Expired Events

Trash Version Tags

Unlock Version Tag

Update Calendar iCal Feeds 

Image, Resize 

List Product Variants

List Products

Wobject, Delete

Wobject, Using 

Using Packages

Page, Delete

Gaining Rank on Search Engines

Tell a Friend HOWTO 

Scheduled Publishing

Summary of next events

Summary of recent posts

Passive Analytics


Account Macro

Ad Space Macro

Admin Bar Macro

Admin Text Macro

Admin Toggle Maco

Areas of Interest Hits Macro

Product Macro

Areas of Interest Rank Macro

Asset Proxy Macro

Can Edit Text Macro

Quote Macro

Random Asset Proxy Macro

Random Macro

Random Thread Macro

Root Title Macro

Company Email Macro

Company Name Macro

Company URL Macro

SQL Macro

Date Macro

Spacer Macro

Subscription Item Macro

Subscription Item Purchase URL Macro

Editable Toggle Macro

Environment Variable Macro

Execute Macro

Thumbnail Macro

Extras Macro

Fetch MIME Type Macro

File URL Macro

Form Parameter Macro 

Gateway URL Macro

Group Add Macro

Group Delete Macro

User ID Macro

User Macro

User Name Macro

Group Text Macro

Home Link Macro

If Macro

Include Macro

International Macro

LastModified Macro

Login Box Macro

Login Toggle Macro

Macros, List of Available

Macros, Using

Make Page Printable Macro

New Mail Macro 

Page Macro

Page Title Macro

Page URL Macro 

URL Encode Macro 

Add custom macro to RichEdit macro selection


Installing WebGUI:

        Installation Options

WRE Installation

Source Install

Linux Installations


Unsupported Installs

Installing WebGUI on Debian 

WebGUI Installation: Table of Contents

Version numbers 

System Requirements 

WebGUI Runtime Environment (WRE)

WRE Troubleshooting


WRE-Building on FreeBSD 5.3

WRE-Building on Gentoo 64bit Hardened



Existing Site to WRE

Fedora Core 1

Fedora Core 2

Suse 9.1

SuSE 9.0

Apache2::Request on SuSE 11.3

Red Hat 7.3 Install

Gentoo Linux

Testing and Troubleshooting 


Setting up the WRE when your ISP block port 80

WebGUI Releases and SVN revision numbers 

The WRE and your shell environment


Add a New Workflow 

Process Recurring Payments 

RSS Capable 

Rollback Version Tag

Clean Database Cache

Clean File Cache

Clean Login History

Clean Temp Storage 

Committed Versions 

Content Profiling 

Delete Expired Sessions

Delete Exported Files

How to export an entire WebGUI site to HTML 

Send Queued Mail Messages

Show Running Workflows

Subscription, Manage Subscription Code Batches

Subscription, Manage Subscription Codes

Subscriptions, Manage

Summarize Passive Profile Log

Sync Profiles to LDAP

Expire Groupings

Expire Subscription Codes

Expire Unvalidated Email Users

Export Version Tag to HTML 

User, Delete

Users in Group

Users, Manage 

Groups, Default

Groups in this Group

Group, Email

Group, Delete

Karma, Using 

List Pending Transactions 

Notify About User

Notify About Version Tag 


Wobject/Asset Migration Guide

Macro Migration

Authentication Migration

Scheduler Migration

System Changes Affecting Migration

Automatic List of Assets in Help System

Group Membership

Plugin Migration Guide: Table of Contents

Auto Login to Remote Apps

URL Masking


File Template

Developing for WebGUI

Developer's Getting Started Guide 


Database Schema

Auto Login to Remote Apps 

WRE for Developers

Code Submission Guidelines

How to Add a Feature to WebGUI Core

Development Best Practices

Plain Old Documentation (POD)


Developer's Guide To Testing In WebGUI




Import Node

The Help System

UI Levels

Asset States

How to Include WebGUI in Ubuntu Server Startup 

Debugging Macros

How to do Automatic Javascript Form Validation

How to get passthruURLs to work 

Archive Old Threads

Run Command as User

The /data Partition



Wobject Development Tutorial

Macro Development Tutorial

WebGUI 7 Migration

Plugin Migration Guide: Table of Contents

Porting Wobjects to WebGUI Version 7

Porting Macros to WebGUI Version 7

Porting Authentication Modules to WebGUI Version 7

Porting Run Hourly Scripts to WebGUI Version 7

System Changes in WebGUI Version 7

Group Changes in WebGUI Version 7


Design in WebGUI

Free Website Templates 

How to Install a WebGUI Site Theme

Changing the site icon in WebGUI 

How to Give WebGUI Your Own Style 

Creative use of built in Assets 


WebGUI Facebook Integration




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