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RSS Capable

This AssetHelper is used to enable other Assets to make their own RSS feeds using the RSSFromParent Asset. As a content manager or admin, you will probably never directly use this Asset.

Enable RSS Whether or not to enable the RSS feed for this asset. If enabled, an RSS From Parent asset will be created and managed as an extra child for this purpose. If not enabled, no such child will be created and the existing one will be deleted. RSS Template The template to use for the RSS feed of this asset.

This option (and RSSFromParent Asset) was removed in 7.7.2:

RSS feeds are now asset aspects. And it has been applied to not only Collaboration Systems, but to Syndicated Content, Story Topic, Wikis, Story Archives, Gallery, and Gallery Albumns. To access an RSS feed for an asset, append ?func=viewRss to the end of the url of the asset's url.



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