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restoring from webgui upgrade

During today's experience of a failed upgrade, I thought I'd write this...

Webgui's upgrade script (using wre) creates a backup of the /data/WebGUI. To restore this,

  • stop spectre, modperl and modproxy
  • REMOVE contents the WebGUI directory (or else new files will linger)
  • cd /data/WebGUI
  • tar zxvf /tmp/webgui/webgui-xxxxxx.tar.gz .
  • Drop the database and restore from a backup.

You are responsible for backing up your own database (the upgrade script will not do this). And it appears that in order for the upgrade script to put a "temporary down" page on your site, a modification is made in the database. So even if you think no changes were made during the upgrade, you do need to restore your database, and Webgui directories.  I also restore the domains directory, but I don't think that is necessary. When you upgrade webgui the contents of the /data/wre are not changed.

After you restore everything restart modperl, modproxy and spectre.

If you need to restore from /tmp/backups, you'll need to use sbin/ to unset the maintenance mode bit in the db.


Keywords: restore webgui WRE

0knowmad: "I don't think this entry is entirely accurate. The database is not backed up by /data/wre/sbin/ script, but backups are made by the /data/WebGUI/sbin/ script. These can be found in /tmp/backups.

BTW, one thing I've run into from failed upgrades is running out of diskspace. This is due to the database backups being generated. Check your diskspace before upgrading!"
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