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RenderThingData macro

^RenderThingData(thingUrl, [templateHint]);

This macro allows users to render thing data.

thingUrl (required): the url from which to pull the thingId and thingDataId.

templateHint (optional): specify the templateId or template url to use.  If omitted, the default thingy view template will be used. Although the macro says this field is optional, it appears to be required as of v7.10.16.


^RenderThingData(/home/thingy/my-thingy?func=viewThingData;thingId=8gLBd7-mdXnhgRHleorfjA;thingDataId=DBjKV3X_eVhgwSjB7i2bcA, KOMzg6uvInhZBE9VqRzLug);

Note: It doesn't appear that you can use the default Thingy view because it contains script elements.

Keywords: macro

0knowmad: "Passing a templateId doesn't seem to work; I had to pass in the url to my custom template."
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