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magic numbers

This is a list of the magic numbers that WebGUI uses

Asset IDs

  • "PBasset000000000000001" - The root node.
  • "PBasset000000000000003" - The media node.
  • "PBasset000000000000002" - The import node.
  • "tempspace0000000000000" - The temporary space node.

Asset State Field

  • 'published' - The normal state. This asset is visible and nothing special about it.
  • 'trash' - This asset is in the trash. Use the "isInTrash" method to check.
  • 'trash-limbo' - One of this asset's ancestors is in the trash.
  • 'clipboard' - This asset is on the clipboard.
  • 'clipboard-limbo' - One of this asset's ancestors is on the clipboard. 

Asset Status Field

  • 'approved' - The asset is approved and visible in normal operations
  • 'pending' - The asset is pending approval and commit. This means this revision usually only visible if you're joined to the version tag of this revision.
  • 'archived' - This asset is archived and not visible in normal operations.

Group IDs

  • "2" - Registered Users. Every user in the system except for "Visitor".
  • "3" - Admins.
  • "7" - Everyone. The same as Registered Users + Visitors.
  • "12" - Turn on Admin

User IDs

  • "1" - The Visitor user. Any user that is not logged in gets this userId.
  • "3" - The Admin user. This is the default admin user created by the site setup. 

Workflow IDs

  • "pbworkflow000000000003" - Commit without approval.
  • "pbworkflow000000000005" - Commit with Approval.
  • "realtimeworkflow-00001" - Commit content immediately.  This is a legacy workflow that is not in WebGUI after version 7.6

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