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Finding & Deleting Workflow Instances

Find a workflow instance

Search for the failing workflow in workflowInstance

select * from WorkflowInstance;

Delete a workflow

delete from WorkflowInstance where instanceId = 'nnnnnn';

Delete all workflows

Delete all workflows (It is not recommended that you do this, especially if you run Content Approval workflows for version tags.):

delete from WorkflowInstance;

Delete all WorkflowInstances that have a missing versionTag

delete from WorkflowInstance where className = 'WebGUI::VersionTag' 
and (select count(tagId) from assetVersionTag  where tagId = substr(parameters from 16 for 22)) = 0;


After deleting workflows, restart spectre to get it to reload the newly modified WorkflowInstance table.

/data/wre/sbin/ --restart spectre

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