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cron redirect error when using the wre

If you see this error in your webgui.log file

CRON: Response for site.conf-pbcron0000000000000004 was redirected. This should never happen if configured properly!!!

It is usally caused by a mismatch between

the webguiPort specified in WebGUI/etc/spectre.conf
the port you are using for the redirect (last line) in your site's modproxy file

If those port numbers are the same, make sure your site's modperl file has that same port number in it's first line (the VirtualHost directive)

Keywords: config cron error spectre

0jigou: "I ran into this issue, and my problem was that somewhere along the line my local DNS entries in my server's HOSTS files got wiped out. Restoring them took care of this issue. "
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