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Commit Policy

The WebGUI repository is available to all, committable by many. In order to ensure a stable, stress-free release, please follow these policies for committing code to the WebGUI core.

Failure to follow these policies will result in your commit being reverted. Continued abuse will result in your commit access being revoked (forcing you to commit through someone else with commit access).

Current release day is Tuesday, rotated between Beta one week and Stable the next week.

Stable and Beta

  • Be kind to your fellow developer
    We're all in this together. 
  • Add a changelog entry for every change
  • Add gotchas entries for:
    • new Perl module dependencies
    • any changes to expected user experience
    • any potential problems with upgrading
  • Test your upgrade script thoroughly on real data
    If you need real data to test on, ask someone in the IRC channel to help. 
  • Document your classes and methods.
    There is a pod checker test just for this.
  • Run the entire test suite before committing.
  • Add help for your template variables
  • Add Internationalization (i18n)

Stable only

  • No new features without approval from the project manager. 
    Stable versions are stable. Do not add beta code to them. It makes Gooey cry.
  • Bugfixes must be tested for regression.
    To increase the overall stability of WebGUI, make sure the bug will never happen again by writing a test for it. That way you never have to fix it ever again.

Beta only

  • No feature commits on the day of a release until after the release.
    The release is a 2-3 hour process, and our test suite must run clean before a release. To avoid your name being cursed to Odin, do not commit your feature the day of a release.
  • Feature commits must be tested 
    Test that your feature works correctly in the best-case scenario. Once a feature is in the core, it is everyone's responsibility to fix bugs in it. Make your peers love you by writing tests before they have to do it for you. This will also help them understand what your code does.

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