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Article Asset templates

There are currently five Article templates:

  • Default Article
  • Left align image
  • Linked Image with Caption
  • Item
  • Article With Pagination


This article describes these templates and explains which template you should use in different scenarios. All article templates now display the titles with the h3 tag. Please share your creative uses of these templates.

When do I use which template?

Default Article

This template contains all the normal amenities: title, and the article itself, followed by a "url link" and it's "url title", followed by an attachment loop.

Left align image (Article with Image)

This is similar to the Default Article, except it assumes only one attachment is provided and that it is an image. The image will be embedded within the article's description. You can use CSS to align the image. By default, it's is left aligned. The description is followed by "link url" and it's title.

Linked Image with Caption

This allows you to display an image, followed by the article description. If the "link url" is provided, the image will be linked to it. If the "link title" is also provided, it will become the image's "caption" which will also be linked to the "link url". All this is followed by the article description content.


If the link url is provided, the title of the article asset will be hyperlinked to the "link url". Followed by the article description, and any attachments. "link title" is ignored. This is handy for a simple store front for product categories, and such.

Article With Pagination

This is a paginated article. It will display the title, followed by the description. On the last "page" of the article, it will display the "link url" and "link title" if any, followed by any attachments. The size and number of pages is determined by the separator macro (). This macro can be inserted in the article's description, for example:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

Consectutur adipisicing elit.


The line "Consectutur..." will be on a different page.

Styling article templates

There is now a new .css file that is used specifically for styling WebGUI provided article templates: it is found at /article.css

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