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WebGUI has a built-in anchor system. 

This is useful when you want to link to a specific article or asset on a page. When an anchor is added to a link, the visitor that clicks on it will be taken to the page and immediately see the article or asset that is anchored.

It's easy to create an anchor in WebGUI. Here's how it works:

  • When creating a link with an anchor, you start with the URL of the page that you're linking to.


  • Next, edit the article or asset you want to anchor and look up the Asset ID. The Asset ID can be found on the top of the Metadata tab.
  • Copy the Asset ID to your clipboard because you'll need to add it to the page URL we have above.
  • Add #id and then the assetid together after it.


The above example is correct. It includes the URL to the community page and then it has an anchor to an article with an AssetID of hRmRZ_Gd3sSc8I_A

WebGUI's anchor system is very efficient as it does not require extra HTML code and is easily added when creating links.

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