Help: Shortcut Template

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The content from the mirrored Asset. If any overrides were enabled in the Shortcut then the override content will be used instead of the content from the mirrored Asset.
The URL to the Asset being mirrored by this Shortcut.
A boolean indicating that this Asset is a Shortcut. This can be used in conjunction with another boolean for Admin mode to quickly show Content Managers that this is a Shortcut Asset.
The word "Shortcut".
Any properties assigned to this shortcut will be available in the template by their name.
The version of WebGUI on your site.
The release status for this version of WebGUI (stable, beta, gamma, etc.)
The current user's username.
From the current user's profile, the day they selected to be the first day of the week.
From the WebGUI config, the URL for the extras directory.
This variable will be true if the user is in Admin mode.
From the WebGUI settings, the company name.
From the WebGUI settings, whether or not anonymous registration has been enabled.
session form variables
Session Form Variables
Any form variables will be available in the template with this syntax:
<tmpl_var session.form.variable>
If there is more than 1 value in a form variable, only the last will be returned.
session scratch variables
Session Scratch Variables
Any scratch variables will be available in the template with this syntax:
<tmpl_var session.scratch.variable>
These are the icons and URLs that allow editing, cutting, copying, deleting and reordering the Asset.
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Help: Shortcut Template
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