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WUC 2009: Tricking People into Thinking Your Website is Fast

This talk covers some simple and advanced techniques that designers, developers and system administrators can use to squeeze every last drop of real (and perceived) front-end performance out of WebGUI. YSlow will be introduced as an indispensable tool for effortlessly identifying performance bottlenecks. Starting with the default, out-of-the-box WebGUI site, we will step our way through YSlow's recommendations to see how close we can get to a perfect score of 100/100. Along the way Patrick explain the concepts behind each rule, how WebGUI helps (and sometimes hinders) our quest for ultimate YSlow glory, and how a little Macro called ^Build() can do most of the work for us.

User: kristi
Date: 4/27/2010 1:23 pm
Presenter: Patrick Donelan
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